Dr. Muna Hindiyeh

Assistant Professor and Chairperson of Environmental and Water Engineering Department, German Jordanian University (2008-2010). She received her PhD in Environmental Engineering from Newcastle upon Tyne University, England 1995. She also served as head of Environmental Science Department at Jordan’s University for Science and Technology. Dr Hindiyeh has over 20 years’ experience in environmental engineering and science and more than 13 years varied experience working at the Royal Scientific Society.  She received the Arab Award of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah for Scientific Research.
Dr. Hindiyeh had extensive experience working on clean production projects, as well in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as consultant with UNDP issuing report regarding corporate environmental responsibility in Jordan. She has also worked as an expert in drinking and bottled water quality.
Dr. Hindiyeh is an accredited assessor for the King Abdullah II Awards for Excellence. Assessor for the Ministry of Public Works Award for private companies engaged in environmental projects.
Dr. Hindiyeh did a lot of Research and consultations related to environmental issues funded from various funding sources including national and international organizations such as the WHO, UNDP, and the USAID.
 Dr. Hindiyeh participated in many national committees such including those at the Lower House of Parliament, National Water Quality Committee; National Health Strategy, and Environmental National Information, in addition to the Water Consumption Reduction Concept Committee for national school curriculums.